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Hearing Loss

Understanding Hearing Loss

Life is greatly impacted by hearing loss because it affects your ability to interact with family, friends and others in a quality way. Your communication ability is central to you being who you are. Dr. Schmidbauer understands the impact of hearing loss and the consequences it has in relation to your physical, mental and emotional health.

Studies have shown that there are changes that occur in the brain when even mild hearing loss is present. Don't leave treatment for your hearing loss to chance. Dr. Schmidbauer always approaches treatment with your specific needs in mind - degree of hearing loss, shape and size of the ears, communication demands of your day to day activities and lifestyle.

Hearing instruments, when necessary, are always fit to you personally. This is critical to your success and not an option. When you leave our office with hearing instruments, we know you can hear and understand conversations because the instruments have been fit for you, your ear and your hearing loss requirements.


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